Chrisobál Colón dividia de Lisboa en 1492…. a sentence found on an old galley in Cuba, the rough translations is ‘Christopher Columbus set out on an adventure from Lisbon….’. Setting out on an adventure was exactly how Dividia came to be in 2011 so the name seemed fitting!

We are here to turn your thoughts, notes, scribblings and random musings into reality, creating content for your business, website, event, social media and so on that will turn those casual browsers into customers

All About The Experience

As a company we’ve have been creating films for over 12 years. Based in Glasgow we do the majority of our work in and around Scotland but are no strangers to packing up our kit and jumping on a plane, we’ve filmed on almost every continent, from Stevenston to Sydney, Hastings to Haiti and this year sees the adventures continue in the Far East!

A vast range of experience in all areas of production means you get expertise and unrivalled knowledge ensuring your production goes smoothly. It really is all about the experience and we want you to enjoy the production process as much as the finished result, we know it’s probably a little different from your usual day to day and we’re happy to have you on set when we’re shooting to see the whole thing come together.

We may not be as cheap as your mates son who’s doing a media course at the local college but we wouldn’t aim to be, we aim to provide you with an extremely high quality service that gives you the right tools to ensure you get the right message across to customers, and you only get that with experience. Whilst we aren’t aiming to compete with the happy amateurs, however, we are probably cheaper than you’d expect. Get in touch to find out more.

Meet the guy behind the lens

Tim started working in video production at Dundee university back in the early 90s working on a 3 machine beta-cam edit suit. After spells working for Dundee College and a move to Glasgow to spend 7 years working for the Scottish FA he struck out on his own in 2011 and has never looked back

Tim Berridge


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